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Should You Buy A Home With Foundation Issues?

It can be difficult finding the perfect home for you and your family. In the real estate market today, most homes are either overpriced based on location or you are unable to find a home you like within your price range. It can be heartbreaking seeing that the home of your dreams is too expensive or needs severe foundation repairs. This is why we’re able to help you determine the best course of action for when you come across the perfect home when it needs foundation repairs. In one of our previous blogs, we went over whether it was possible to sell a home that is in need of some serious foundation repairs. Read, Can You Sell A Home If The Foundation Needs To Be Repaired? if you’re a seller wondering if you can sell a home that is in need of foundation repairs. If you’re a buyer wondering if you should purchase a home with foundation issues, then take this blog into consideration as you find the home of your dreams.

At Master Lift Foundation Repair, we offer many services that will help you make your home free of any foundation issues. We’re a reliable company that’s been in business for over 23 years in the Dallas, Oklahoma City and Tulsa markets. Our primary goal is to ensure you are satisfied with our services and your home or business is repaired or constructed to your satisfaction. We’re recognized as a leading foundation repair company, which means we have the experience needed to repair your home. Check out our many services to repair your foundation. If you have questions or want to ask about a free estimate, contact us.

Is It Smart To Buy A Home With Foundation Repairs?

So you find the perfect home for you and your family; what happens next? You love the home, it’s within your price range, and it has all of the qualities that you are looking for in a home. However, you notice as you walk through the home when you are getting ready to sign the papers that there are a few cracks in the corners, the doors are sticking oddly, and there are large cracks on the outside of the home in the concrete. When you ask the sellers what’s going on they tell you – reluctantly – that there are some foundation issues and that you’ll need to repair the foundation of the home. They offer to lower the price, but they tell you that the foundation needs to be repaired as soon as possible because more detrimental issues could happen. Read Why you Shouldn’t Ignore Your Foundation Repair Problems, to learn what could happen if you ignore what your home is trying to ‘tell’ you. What do you do? Should you buy the house with foundation problems or find a home that doesn’t need foundation repair?

The real estate market is competitive, which means if you find a home in your price range it might be in your best interest to bite the bullet and put some elbow grease into the home to fix the foundation problems. Foundation problems can be fixed; however, some foundation problems are substantially more expensive than others. Remember, not all foundation cracks are created equally. There are ones that are normal for settling and others that are a sign you need foundation repair as soon as possible. Figuring out whether you should buy a home based on foundation repair comes down to what kind of foundation repairs are needed. When you purchase a home, make sure to take the time to walk through it to figure out what exactly needs to be fixed. If there are only a few cracks, it can be okay to hold off on doing foundation repair. However, if there are patching cracks, the doors and sticking, and the drywall is cracking it will be a fair amount of money to fix.

What Happens If I Purchase A Home With Foundation Repair?

The best practice is to walk through to do a home inspection to figure out what needs to be repaired and have the housing price lowered. As aforementioned, if there are a few cracks, then you can hold off on having your foundation repaired. If there are more than two problems, you should have your home repaired as soon as possible. When your hire Master Lift Foundation Repair, we’re able to help you repair your home for a reasonable price. We offer many services that will help repair the foundation of your home as a new homebuyer. We’re able to repair your home efficiently and effectively in a timely manner. Purchasing a home with foundation problems might be a hassle, but if you love the home and you don’t mind some foundation repairs; what’s stopping you from having the home of your dreams?

To learn more about foundation repair continue reading our blog. If you recently bought a home that’s in need of foundation repair, call us today at 918-398-6600 to reach our Tulsa office or 40-226-1456 to reach our Edmond office.

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