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Signs Your Home Is Settling

A house is similar to a body in the way that if you don’t properly take care of it, then the foundation begins to crumble and you’re faced with some major problems. If you don’t take the time to properly repair your foundation and care for it, then you’ll be looking at some major foundation repairs in the present and in the future. When it comes to your home, you might not see all of the obvious signs in front of you that there’s a problem. Read Warning Signs You Need Foundation Repair to know the signs your home is in need of foundation repair. When it comes to your home settling, on the other hand it can be difficult to know the difference. Read How To Know If Your House Is Settling Or You Have Foundation Problems, to learn the difference between foundation repair problems and settling. In addition, it takes time for a home to settle and settling happens as your home begins to get older and gets used to its life. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the signs to tell if your home is settling. It might be difficult to see at first, but when you can tell the difference between your home settling and your foundation problems, you’ll be able to tell when your home needs serious repairs or if there’s nothing to worry about. At Master Lift Foundation Repair, we’re able to help with any and all of your foundation repair problems. We have a variety of foundation repair services that can help with concrete repairs, retaining wall construction, poly jacking, french drain systems, and more. If you’re in need of a foundation inspection by experienced and professional contractors don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to helping you with any of your foundation repair problems.

Three Signs Your Home Is Settling

Would you be able to tell the difference between settling and foundation problems? In Warning Signs You Need Foundation Repair, we go over a few simple signs to let you know the difference between your home needing foundation repair and your home settling into its life. We provide three signs to let you know your home is settling and not in need of foundation repair. Remember, if none of these signs sound like your home, then you’re in need of a foundation contractor from Master Lift Foundation Repair. Our services are priced affordably and we’ll be there in a timely fashion with professionals who are able to get the job done.

Sign One: Your Doors

Have you ever tried to open your doors and they end up sticking? In comparison to foundation repair problems, when your home is settling doors will begin to stick and become harder and harder to open. You might look everywhere to try to figure out why exactly your doors are sticking and you won’t be able to find a reason due to the lack of one. If you can’t seem to figure out why your doors are sticking, then your home might just be settling instead of needing foundation repair. The first step you need to do in order to figure out if you need foundation repair or if your home is settling is to investigate your doors. If there is no cause, you don’t have foundation repair problems. The reasons your doors might be sticking is because the frames shift out of balance due to the house settling. In addition, if your doors, either the back or the front, hit the door jamb that is another sign your house is becoming used to its life. Your doors should move with ease and slide into place when you close them, not stick or become jammed.

Sign Two: Slanted Floors

Are your floors slanted? Can you roll a marble across your floor? Rolling something on your floor will be a good way to figure out whether your floor is slanted. If there is a foundation problem, it can be difficult to tell the difference when it comes to your floors. The marble trick is a great indicator that there is a problem, however, if your floors are slanted it can be difficult to tell the difference on whether it is a settling situation or a foundation repair problem. Foundation repair problems are linked to slanted floors and would give the indication that the floor is ‘sinking.’ If your floor is settling, then it’s more of an unlevel issue instead of a sinking problem. If you can’t tell the difference – and it is a difficult to tell to the to the novice eye – call a foundation contractor to come out and do a proper inspection.

Sign Three: The Gaps

Look down at your floors, beside whether or not they are slanted, what else do you see? Are there gaps in your floor? Does your floor separate from one end to the other? If you have no idea what this means, then look at the gaps between the carpet and the walls to see whether there are areas missing. This doesn’t mean whether there are holes in your floor. This means that when you look at the carpet, walls, or your tile, there will be gaps between them or cracks in the tile floor. Keep in mind that if there are cracks in your tile, it might not always be a settling issue, but in fact a grout issue that you need to deal with. In addition, gaps can also take place between the fascia trim and the corner area. Gaps are a sure sign that your home is only settling versus a much bigger problem of foundation issues.

For more information on foundation and drainage repair solutions, continue reading our blogs. If you are in need of a reliable foundation repair company, call us today. Tulsa 918-398-6600 Oklahoma City 405-226-1456

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