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Frequently Asked Questions


Foundation and structural issues can be overwhelming and frustrating raising a lot of questions. We’re here to answer those questions for you and give you guidance and direction on the next steps you should take to protect your home or commercial property.


How Much Does Master Lift Foundation Repair Charge For An Estimate And What Do You Do During An Estimate?


Estimates are free. After you set up an appointment, our in house engineer or one of our structural inspectors will come to your home or place of business. He will draw a map of your structure and visually inspect the interior and exterior of the entire property, noting all signs of stress. Large trees, lack of gutters, improper drainage, plumbing leaks and overwatering can be contributing factors that must be mitigated prior to any structural repairs to ensure long term results. Our inspector will then take an electronic elevation survey using a Technidea Ziplevel© or Laser Level. He can then develop an elevation profile of your foundation and design, if necessary, an appropriate repair plan.


How Do I Know That My Repair Plan Is The Correct One?


Master Lift Foundation Repair recommends a third party Structural Engineers inspection and report before and after the work has been done. The engineer will confirm the repair plan and then certify the foundation repairs are completed and the structure has been properly repaired.


How Long Will My Foundation Repairs Take?


The average job takes 1-2 days. Depending on the recommended work, the time frame may be greater.


How May The Foundation Repairs Affect My Plumbing?


Any time a slab foundation settles the plumbing pipes which are underneath and attached to the foundation can be damaged. They can also be damaged when you lift a structure back towards its original position. Therefore, Master Lift Foundation Repair recommends and can include a 3rd party Master plumber to test the plumbing before and after a job is complete.


Will Fixing My Foundation Close The Existing Cracks Or Open New Ones?


It is possible to do both. The goal of foundation repairs is to return the structure to as near its original horizontal position while trying to prevent additional damage. Brick cracks are stair step cracks that you typically see on houses or buildings where the foundation has failed and will generally close up when you lift the slab back into place. There is no guarantee the cracks will close because each structure is different and there are other factors that may prevent cracks from closing. Our certified project manager will monitor the structure inside and out as much as possible during the lifting process to limit the cosmetic damage and maximize results.


Will I Be Able To Sell My Home Or Business After The Repairs Are Done?


Yes, all methods used by Master Lift Foundation Repair are HUD, FHA & VA approved. When you are ready to sell your home or commercial property you will need to disclose the foundation repairs and show the engineers reports, warranty transfer certificate and warranty terms as well as your contract to your buyers. Your Real Estate Professional can assist you with this process.


Will I Loose My Shrubs, Flowers Or Grass In The Process Of Getting The Work Done?


Foundation repair is a messy job, and we will do everything within reason to leave your landscaping as close to the way we found it as possible. However, transplanting plants sometimes means the plants may not survive the stress of being dug up. We will work closely with you to address any concerns you may have about your lawn or landscaping but we do not guarantee uprooted plants or bushes will survive.


What Type Of Warranties Does Master Lift Foundation Repair Offer?


We offer a variety of warranties to not only match the services we provide, but to also help meet your budget.  Exterior and Interior steel piers as well as helical piers come with either a standard 20 Year or upgraded Lifetime Transferable Warranty.  We also offer our "Earthquake Equalizer 5.0" warranty as an additional upgrade and this protects you against earthquake damage up to a 5.0. If our piers fail then we will replace them free of charge with the upgraded earthquake equalizer 5.0 warranty.  Concrete push and Bell Bottom piers come with either a standard 10 Year or 20 Year Transferable Service Warranty.  Fees may apply for adjustments made to concrete piers if an upgraded warranty isn't purchased at the time of installation.  Interior polyurethane and mortar slab injections come with a standard 10 Year Transferable Warranty.  Exterior Polyurethane and Mudjacking comes with a standard 1 Year Transferable Service Warranty.


For specific questions we have not addressed in this section about our services, pier and beam foundation, French drain installation, and more, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you.




Big or Small, every project is given the same level of care required to produce professional results

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