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We don't use a “one size fit’s all” approach to fix your home foundation problems. We utilize the newest and latest foundation repair technology & equipment the industry has to offer. We provide excellent customer service to all of our neighbors throughout the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Metro area.


Once you've called in and scheduled a free inspection we will meet with you on site and provide an evaluation. We look for the contributing factors first and look at the reason why you may be suffering from foundation failure. There are typically 2-3 contributing factors that contribute to foundation and drainage issues. Large trees and tree roots can wreak havoc on your structure if the tree is too close to the home. Tree roots can grow in and settle beneath the foundation. The roots can cause drain lines to shift and separate, soil to consolidate and in some cases cause heave and major cracks in the floor slab. Settling and shifting can be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil or clay, improperly compacted fill soils or from poor or erroneous maintenance of the earth around the foundation.  Whatever the cause of a settling foundation, this settlement can ruin a home or building’s value and even render it unsafe or unable to be occupied. Lack of gutters can contribute to a negative slope condition and allow water to pond and pool along the edge of the structure. The excessive water around the perimeter can cause structural heave due to expansive soils and force the structure in an upward direction. Once the moisture has evaporated and the home settles back into it's previous position, this will cause soils to consolidate. Soils consolidate over time and in highly active areas you will typically find more damage and foundation cracks or cracks in the brick and mortar. Now that we've assessed the contributing factors, we will create an elevation profile using our Zip Level or a laser level. Taking elevations is very important when diagnosing a structure and will provide information necessary in providing a proper repair plan. Once an elevation profile has been created we can advise on different options for repair. We have a variety of pier systems, injection methods, warranties and techniques that will ensure a professional job with long term results.


Master Lift Foundation Repair stabilizes failing or settling foundations, repairs cracked walls, cracked concrete slabs, and reinforces settling foundations with our proven and fully warranted foundation repair systems, and our foam injection process, designed and approved by professional chemists and engineers. Our Foundation Repair Process has been tested and proven time and time again.


Master Lift Foundation Repair leads Oklahoma City, Tulsa and all surrounding areas in foundation repair stabilization, and is fully equipped with the most complete team of foundation and drainage repair technicians and support staff in the industry.


Why Master Lift Foundation Repair is Right for YOU?


Don't waste anymore time!  Here are several reasons you should call Master Lift Foundation Repair Today!


State Licensed - We are the only state licensed repair firm in the state of Oklahoma!

Our People - Our professionally trained and tested crews and support staff are the best in the industry.

Our Products - We manufacture and test our engineer approved products.

Our Warranty - We offer A Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Our Experience - 23 Years Experience.

Our Reputation - A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Guaranteed Financing available if necessary


We Are Engineer Approved and have licensed engineers ready to serve you!



Big or Small, every project is given the same level of care required to produce professional results

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Foundation Repair

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Master Lift Foundation Repair
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