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What does your homeowners insurance cover?

In one of our previous blogs, we went over homeowners insurance and the correlation with foundation repair. Read Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?, to learn whether your homeowners insurance covers foundation repairs. In a brief overview, we covered how exactly homeowners insurance works and what happens if you are in need of foundation repair and have homeowners insurance. If your home is showing signs that it needs foundation repair, then it’s a good idea to tackle the issue before it gets too out of hand. If you don’t know the signs for foundation repair, read How To Know If Your House Is Settling Or You Have Foundation Problems, Warning Signs You Need Foundation Repair, and What You Should Know About Foundation Repair. In addition, read Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Foundation Repair Problems, so you are fully aware of why you shouldn’t allow your foundation problems to linger for too long. If you do, you’ll end up paying much more in damage than you would if you had taken initiative with your home foundation repairs. If you are in need of foundation repair, then Master Lift Foundation Repair is a great option of a company to go to. Along with being reliable, we’re also well-priced, efficient, and ready to tackle any foundation repair problem that comes our way.

Three Home Improvement Projects Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

As we mentioned in Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?, we went over all of the home improvement projects that you are unable to put under homeowners insurance. In addition, we went over what homeowners insurance was and what could be put under your homeowners insurance. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over home improvement projects that your homeowners insurance is able to cover that you wouldn’t necessarily think it would. If you have foundation repair problems, then this list will help you figure out what your homeowners insurance can cover and what it can’t cover. If you are in need of foundation repairs, make sure to reach out to Master Lift Foundation Repair for a free estimate.


Unfortunately, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover all upgrades. If you want a new kitchen, you’ll probably have to pay for that one yourself. A standard homeowners insurance policy is called an HO-3 and covers something called an ordinance. An ordinance is a decree or order that is authoritative and you have to follow. When it comes to your home, an ordinance is a rule you essentially have to follow that helps to regulate and coordinate the area. If you have basic homeowners insurance, then it covers costs that will help to enhance your property after there has been a covered loss. So, what does that mean? For instance, if your home sustains some damage because of a fire or a tree falling on it, then when they rebuild your home they would add anything that might bring up the property to code after the incident happens. Furthermore, if you didn’t have sprinklers in your yard before the housing incident, then they’d install them after the incident occurred while they are rebuilding your home.

Food Coverage

Along with basic homeowners insurance policies, you are also able to have coverage for what is in your refrigerator. This might sound a little weird because why would you want to insure your food, but if you think about it it’s actually great to have your food insured. If something were to happen to your refrigerator, such as a power outage that spoils all of your food in the fridge, then you’re able to get that covered. Generally, you have up to $500 under a basic homeowners insurance policy to have your food that was in the refrigerator covered while a power outage occurred. Keep in mind that this does not cover any extra coverage that you might want to tack on, what is covered under homeowners insurance is only what is in the homeowners insurance policy.

Fallen Objects

Another home improvement project that is covered under homeowners insurance is fallen objects. You might be chuckling at this one because what exactly is falling from the sky in Oklahoma City, but really there’s a lot. First, living in OKC, you don’t have to worry about Volcanos. However, if something falls on your home, homeowners insurance is able to cover it. Items that could fall from the sky and damage your home could be dysfunctional satellites, ice from an ice storm, and even tree branches. If you have basic homeowners insurance and find your home has been hit by something from the sky, your coverage should insure the damages to the property and any items that are in the home that has been ruined.

If you’re faced with foundation repair problems and need a reliable company, then contact Master Lift Foundation Repair by calling on of our Oklahoma Offices. Oklahoma City: 405-226-1456 or Tulsa: 918-398-6600

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