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Everything You Need To Know About French Drain Systems

Foundation waterproofing is imperative if you are a homeowner in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa metro area. Foundation waterproofing is, essentially, waterproofing the foundation of your home. It’s not possible to completely make a basement safe from water, but foundation waterproofing is a specific technique to prevent water from getting into a basement structure. When waterproofing occurs it refers to sealants, applications, installation of drains, sump pumps, and other ways to redirect water from harming the foundation of your home or business. Living in Broken Arrow, it’s best to have foundation waterproofing to ensure that your foundation is not water damaged and the water is redirected away from harming any foundations. At Master Lift Foundation Repair, we offer many different foundation waterproofing services. One of the ways to incorporate foundation waterproofing is by installing French drain systems. So, what are French drain systems and what can they do for you? Let’s find out below!

What Are French Drain Systems?

Originated in France, French drain systems were the earliest forms for preventing water damage. French drains were used to help redirect water away from foundation and prevent homes from water damage. Basically, the French drain system was one of the earlier ways to filter water. The earliest forms of French drains were ditches that were applied high up and situated so they faced downward. They were also filled with gravel to steady the system. From its conception there have been many modifications to French drains due to clogging and the soil surrounding the drain. In modern society, a French drain is virtually the same thing as it was when it was first conceived, with a few modifications to make it better. A French drain system is a trench that is filled with a gravel type substance and has a pipe with holes that help to redirect surface water away from a specific area. A French drain pipe can be hollow with holes in it along the bottom so that water can be vented out easily.

What Can They Do For My Home?

A French drain system will create an easier flow of water from your home or business. With a french drain system, the water will begin to flow away from a distance and not ruin the foundation of a home or business. A French drain system would be beneficial for your home or business because it allows the water to be funneled to a safe distance away instead of sitting in your basement. Your drainage system will work more smoothly with a French drain system, as well, and prevent you from getting a wet basement.

Who Can Install French Drain Systems?

Master Lift Foundation Repair of course! As a foundation repair and drainage solutions company, we’re able to offer foundation waterproofing to ensure your basement is waterproofed properly. The French drain system is a top-quality drainage system that’s perfect for foundation waterproofing for both residential and commercial facilities. At Master Lift, we use a clean out and come with a lifetime transferrable warranty. In addition, if you are looking for yearly maintenance, we also offer that too. If you want to waterproof your basement and foundation, then reach out to us at 918-565-8544 in Tulsa and 405-226-1456 for the Oklahoma City metro area as soon as possible to start the process and to schedule your free estimate. For all of your foundation waterproofing needs, contact Master Lift.

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