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Warning Signs You Need Foundation Repair And What To Look For

Foundation repair in Oklahoma is pretty common because of the semi-arid southern weather. Arid weather tends to take more of a toll on homes, which is why both newer and older homes are more susceptible to problems with their foundations. Master Lift, a foundation repair company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma are specialists in drainage and foundation repair. Our foundation repair technicians are the best in the business and will offer the highest quality of foundation repair techniques available. Read some of out warning signs to know what to look for when you are facing foundation problems.

Warning Sign One: Sloped Floors

Look at your floor. What do you see? If you see uneven or sloping floors, then you need to search out a foundation contractor as soon as possible. A sinking floor is a very important warning sign to take into account. If you feel like your home is uneven, then try this trick: take a marble and place it on the part that you think is irregular, if it rolls, then the floor is lopsided, so please reach out to us for a free foundation inspection. In addition, check out your walls to see if they are separated from the floor.

Warning Sign Two: Cracks

Cracks are the second warning sign to let you know if you need foundation repair. A large crack in the floor, on or around a step or around the house demonstrates that you may need foundation repair. If you are feeling nervous about your foundation, then check around your house to see if there are cracks in the brick, mortar, stucco or stone veneer. Take some time to inspect the foundation of your house, especially if there are concrete or brick areas. There can be a cracked slab from foundation shifting or in your basement along the concrete floor. Even in younger houses, as young as four years, there can still be cracks along the floor. If you are seeing cracks on the floor and around the outside foundation, then we encourage you to seek foundation repair to maintain your home.

Warning Sign Three: Doors And Windows

The third warning sign that you need foundation repair is the separation of the doors, windows, or garage doors. Look at your window frames, and see if they are closing properly. If there is an evident separation of the window frame, then you will need to look into foundation repair. In brick houses, if the brick has separated from the window frame, then that’s also a telltale sign. Brick completely separating from the frame at about two inches wide and deep demonstrates that there is an issue with the foundation. Exposure of the window frame support and interior wall construction is a vital sign to take into consideration. To accurately check if you need foundation repair, look at the windows and doors to see if there are separation areas. If this is the case, then please reach out to Master Lift where we can offer you a free foundation inspection.

At Master Lift we offer services such as concrete repair, concrete leveling, foundation repair, steel piers, retaining walls, drainage solutions, french drains, grading solutions, concrete flat work and foundation inspections. If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, then we urge you to reach out to us by calling into one of our office locations. Tulsa - 918.398.6600 Oklahoma City - 405.226.1456

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